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Welcome to the website for the campaign to Save the Hervey Road Sports Field

This spectacular 4.8 hectare green space is in the borough of Greenwich, in London. Click HERE to see a birds eye view of the field.

This green space has been used since 1890 by the local community for various sports activities, including tennis, football, rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, bowls, and even a rifle range.

Now, Greenwich Council has made plans to destroy this sports field and to build on it.

Local residents have formed an Action Group - the Friends of Hervey Road Sports Field- to fight this proposal and to urge the council to restore and promote the field's facilities (as per it's letter to all local residents dated June 2002), to encourage sport, (particularly as they are one of the hosts of the 2012 Olympics) and to save this wonderful green site for future generations.

To date over 1000 local people have signed up in support of the campaign. If you believe that it is wrong to destroy green open spaces and playing fields in London then add your name by CLICKING HERE.


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